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Investment opportunity/advisory: Investment in real estate has turned out to be progressively mainstream in the course of the most recent 60 years and has turned into a typical investment vehicle. In today society real estate Investment is one of the most profitable ideas.

Services for NRI We also offer service for NRI people. If you are NRI and wants to investment in property or real estate we provide you good property at reasonable price.

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Joint Ventures Joint Ventures happen when two gatherings meet up to tackle one project. In joint Ventures, both sides are similarly put resources into the venture regarding cash, time, and push to expand on the first idea. While joint Ventures are by and large little project, real enterprises likewise utilize this technique with a specific end goal to expand.

Location and Building analysis We have a expert team which supervision the location and building and make a progress report as per running project work.

Design for new building Triangle homez is a full-service plan/fabricate and interior design organization. Bring us on for all periods of the design and work of your redesign or new building.

Project Marketing If you want to selling/buying your property at gain price, we want to help our environs and local organizations acquire custom by utilizing our site.