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As a builder who has been in the industry for over 20 years, I understand what I'm doing and consider myself intelligent enough to grasp relatively complex concepts in construction. However, I have a running list of the ridiculous words and phrases that the architects we work with are using. I spend a portion of each day stripping away the fluff and overly complicated explanations and descriptions for simple ideas. It is the biggest waste of time and ego. Sell that stuff to the client but give me the design and plans in the most direct and correct manner. I can work faster and make fewer changes.” - Greg Hudspeth

Greg Hudspeth www.facebook.com

Why limit, criticize or mute expression? Architecture has its own language, not unlike other professions, pursuits, and genres. Does everything have to be diminished and diluted to lowest common denominator?

Jsarhitekt www.archdaily.com

Perhaps it's the wrong question to ask. Motivation is more important. Is one trying to be a better storyteller with their words or simply being pretentious?

Lee Calisti, AIA www.archdaily.com

I don't think we are contributing to public discourse by using a language that is incomprehensible to a layman. When I talk to a physicist, I expect him to be able to translate his work into terms that I can understand, and all trades and professions should be held to the same standard. If you cannot explain your work simply, you don't fully understand your work.diluted to lowest common denominator?

Dougilis www.archdaily.com

Architectural Quote-I don't think we are contributing to public discourse by using a language that is incomprehensible to a layman.…

If those of us calling ourselves 'architects' want our hard-earned skill sets taken seriously in the larger context that we actually view to be our field of relevance, then it's high time we meet that broader field at least half way in terms/terminology that we all understand

Margit Rudy www.archdaily.com

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