Light up your home

February 03, 2018
Role of light is not just to fill colors….it fills energy

Illusion of space is defined by the light reflected on the surface.Both natural and man made lighting help with illusion of space. For each purpose each light

In olden days a tube and a bulb was just the sorce of light. That view has completely changed by the coming of Artificial lights.

Warm lights and cool lights

LED is the latest technology in lighting as it consumes less power and long lasting.

We can broadly classify this in Cool light and Warm light.This lighting gives a complete change to color in a room.It controls how the color of the room appears.

Warm light creates a cosy effect, it relax us, get ready for sleep.It is most comfortable particularly in Living areas and Bedroom.Warm light is very gentle with eyes.

White light creates a cool effect, a more energising feel.It keeps us alert and energetic for performing our jobs.Its a replica of day light.Practicaly we can use in bathrooms,pantries and workarea. Light up your Home

Mood lighting it’s a theme created controlling the lights according to the space and function.Its another way of  Personalising light depending on the purpose of that area ie Tv watching,Dining areas,Bedroom,Prayer area

Luxury of Interior depends on lighting.It has the power of giving life to any area.

The style of light selection depends on the interior may be it Contemporary,Classic or Traditional. Light up your Home

General lightinng, Decorative lighting,Light automation etc,light can be classified according to or needs

Concealed lighting and Cove lighting in flase ceiling are some tips used in lighting where the source of light cant be seen… Hidden lights. Light up your Home

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