Budget Home Design 002

Budget Home Design 002

Budject Homes

Triangle Homes has been recognized nationwide for its excellence in Real estate, land Survey & Development, Design and Construction services.

Semi Laxuary Homes

From the concept stage through design and finally on to the finished product we can take care of all your construction needs including Space planning, 3dVisualization, Interior Visualization and even Legal formalities.

Laxuary Homes

We are so fortunate to have the finest team of highly qualified management and support staffs who have served customers across different sizes and industries.


The Triangle Group is guided by years of experience to build your custom luxury home which is beautiful, functional, original and above all that’s truly tailored to your lifestyle.


4 thoughts on “Budget Home Design 002

  1. I wish to build a budget house around 25 lacs in Kannur in 8 cent square plot. Please share me some plan similar to above shown,

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