Architectural Design Consultant

We set our foot in the world of planning and construction in the year of 2008. We started off small, but then there was no looking back! If you will search for the top architects in Trivandrum, you will find our name in one of the top spots. And now it’s not just Trivandrum, we are expanding our empire every passing day. With our dedication, determination, commitment and quality work we have now excelled at being top architects in Trivandrum to top architects in Kerala. To know the story of our journey and the projects that we have accomplished, give us a visit on our website.

If you are searching for world-class designing works providers, then Triangle Homez is your destination! Our designing works have a flare of creativity and uniqueness in it. With our distinct designs and commitment towards our work, we have been able to secure a reputed place in the field of designing works. Our group of professional designers develops great and variety of designs for our clients, according to their need and requirement. So, if you are looking for out of the box designs then, we are here at your service.

We are a bunch of fun and passionate designers who deliver your dream home to reality. We are proud to be one of the top home designers of Kerala who have helped many people to realize their dream home. Take a peep into the college of our projects to see the variety of works we have put our hands into. We put life into our projects with our passion and creativity.

Kids of Architectural Designs

  • Kids of Architectural Designs
  • Residential Architect-Budget, Luxury and Semi Luxury Homes etc.
  • Commercial Architect-Shopping Complex, Flats etc.
  • Hospitality Architect-Hotels, Resorts, Restaurant etc.
  • Institutional Architect-School, Colleges etc.
  • Spiritual Architect-Temple, Church, Mosque etc.
  • Government Architect-Roads, Bridges, Culverts etc

Looking for house designers who will give you a different and distinct design for your home? Then don’t look any further, for Triangle Homez is the right place for you! We have been enrolled in the category of house designers for years now, and from the beginning of our career, we have been offering our customers with works of the highest quality at the modest price. We present our work to our valuable clients with the highest quotient of creativity and perfection and that might be the reason that we don’t create clients we create long-lasting friendships!

Planning to build a beautiful cute home for your family. Cute homes are well suited for small families and on small land properties. Apart from spending a lot of money by building large spacious homes, it’s always better to construct a small yet spacious beautiful and cute homes within your budget. Triangle Homez can help you to plan, organize and construct your cute homes at affordable rates.

With its aesthetic design, elegance and professional styles, Trendy homes are one of the leading choices for the customers. Trendy homes and design can be implemented with perfect planning and expertise. Let it be your home, apartment or office space, triangle Homez can bring about the latest trend and design in construction as well as interior constructions. If your dreaming about bringing an international style and quality to your living spaces, we are here, just contact us.

For those who are looking for comfort, style, convenience, and international standards, Fashion Homes are one among the changing trends and choice for customers who are looking for world-class living spaces. With refreshing ideas perfectly matching to both the interior designs as well as the architectural design, makes Fashion Homes unique from the rest of the homes. Triangle Homez team of designers have the real expertise to build homes that will be in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

Our society’s concept of building a home has entirely changed. Besides just a place to reside and shelter, Homes are now the pride and identity of a family. The modern concepts have given way to a new kind of next Generation Homes. The ideas and concepts of our present generation are enormous, so as the facilities and materials available. If you are on the path of constructing the next generation homes, we at Triangle Homez can definitely be of assistance in all levels of construction.

Designing and building your retail stores and outlets is one of the most specific factors to attract your customers. It’s about ideas and creativity that transforms your outlet into an ultimate product experience showroom. Let it be an office space, clothing outlet, furniture store or even a food cafe, the interiors and the accessories should have a matching theme to your product. Triangle Homez creative interior designers have a hand full of experience in designing the interiors of some well-known brand outlets across Kerala.

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