01.What is a floor slab?

A reinforced concrete slab supported directly by concrete columns without the use of beams

02.What is M-sand?

Manufactured sand

03.What are the uses of Column Head?

Increase shear srength of slab, Reduce the moment in the slab by reducing the clear or effective span

04.Use of drop panels in slab?

Increase shear strength of slab, Increase negative moment capacity of slab, Stiffen the slab and hence reduce deflection

05.What is Mortar ?

Mortar is a mix of Cement, Sand and Water

06.What is RCC ?

Reinforced Cement Concrete. It contains embedded steel bars, plates, or fibers that strengthen the material. The capability to carry loads by these materials is magnified, and because of this RCC is used extensively in all construction.

07.What is the meaning of soil reinforcement?

Soil reinforcement is the act of improving soil strength to enable support or carry more load.

08.What is aggregate

Aggregate is the component of acomposite material used to resist compressive stress.

09.What is soil analysis?

Soil analysis is the testing of soil to determine the nutritional and elemental composition of soil. It is generally tested for knowing the contents of nitregen, potassium and phosphorous.

10.What is Building codes?

These codes are the set of specifications to ensure the safety associated with any building construction.  These codes are associated with the height, spacing, and installation of the building.

11.What is BOQ?

It is a detailed break-up of work-items to provide an understanding on the project costing. It is only prepared after the final design process.

12.What is working Drawings?

Working Drawings are the detailed description of the designing views in terms of doing the execution as per the designing views. It includes elevation, section drawings

13.What is your project flow in Architectural Package?

Initial requirement analysis -> site visit -> Collection of preferences, references ->Floor plans -> Approval->Exterior design-> Approval -> working drawings -> detail project costing.

14.What is the standard project Duration time?

Depends on the designing work of the property. It will be indicated at the start of the project.

15.Is it possible to do interior design in my old house?

An interior design can give a new look to your house without any structural change. Our team with engineers and designers will provide you all the support in renovation of your house

16.I already have a plan; I need Elevation, working Drawings and sanctions drawings for this. Will you guide me on this?

No. of course you can contribute ideas, reference etc, but the final plan will be designed along with the Unique Creativity of Triagle Architects Team

17.What is your project flow in Interior Package?

Initial requirement analysis -> site visit -> Collection of preferences, references ->Interior Layout -> Approval->interior design draft -> working drawings -> detail project costing -> project cost confirmation -> execution.

18.What will be the cost of furnishing?

Furnishing charges will vary as per the design and material selected for furnishing. Our designing team will work as per your budget and ensure that you will get the best design in your budget.

19.What is Floor plan?

Floor plan is a drawing which shows the relationship between position of rooms, space & other physical features in the building

20.What is 2D Layout ?

3D views are the visual realistic representation of the elevation of the building.

21.What is 3D views?

2D Layout is similar to floor plans with measurements, name of room and room sizes.

22.What is false ceiling?

False ceiling is a ceiling given below the actual ceiling to provide space, for easy access to wiring and ducts or to alter the dimensions of a room.

23What is furniture Drawings?

Furniture drawings are the drawings which will give you detail about the furniture shown in the designing view with its elevation – which contains the height and width of the furniture, panelling etc. and section – which contains the sides, inner cut view of the furniture which shows the plywood thickness, measurements, distance between plywood and Isometric View- which contains visually representing three dimensional objects in two dimension in technical, so that it can be easily made into a furniture by the carpenter.

24.What is section & elevation drawing?

Section drawings will show the cross section of a Building structure which will appear once it is cut vertically. The elevation drawing is that which shows the front & side view of the building.

25.What is structural drawing?

Structural drawing is which consist of all the drawing which describes structural member of the building & their relationship to each other. This service is under our premium package.

26.What is an Electrical drawing?

Electrical drawing is a plan which shows the basic electrical points – which consists of switch boards, wall bracket lights which are shown on the wall, fan Points, AC points, Ceiling light details, cove light connections and looping which is basically the wiring shown in the drawing from a switch to the connection.

27.What is a plumbing drawing?

Plumbing drawing shows the system of piping of fresh water going into the building and waste going out both solid and liquid.

28.Can I use my existing furniture?

Yes you can place your existing Furniture or any furniture purchased by you. You may give us the photograph of your existing or purchased furniture and our team will look into the Furniture provided and if it requires minute detailing then it would be an additional charge to design.

29.Can I outsource for the construction work?

Yes, you can outsource for the construction work.